What type of bra to wear on wedding day

What type of bra to wear on wedding day


One thing is certain – choosing the underwear to wear under the wedding gown is as important as choosing the dress – and this is something very important to have in mind if you’re closing in on your wedding day. This biggest problem here is that everyone wants something that is comfortable but also at the same time pretty, or, in the other words, a bra that is hidden yet very flattering.

Not choosing the right bridal lingerie to wear under the dress can easily ruin the whole look, and choosing this bra mostly depends on the sort of the dress that you’re going to wear on your wedding day. Let’s take a look at some of them at lingerie for women, which is pretty good place to do the shopping when it comes to womenswear:


Slimming Strapless Push Up Bra

Slimming Strapless Push Up Bra The best thing about this particular bra is the so-called PowerSlim, and this means the wide back wings which will allow you a maximum comfort while wearing the wedding gown. Of course, since this is a push-up bra, there is also a dose of sexiness that will make you look unforgettable.


Long Time Favorite Magic Up Bra

Long Time Favorite Magic Up BraThe next Leonisa bra is the definition of what we said in the introduction – it is a very comfortable piece of lingerie that at the same time looks very pretty, as it has some well-designed details on the cups. The straps are adjustable, and the bra has the removable padding.


Fabulous Lace Wireless Minimizer Bra

Fabulous Lace Wireless Minimizer BraThe name says it all – this bra is truly something fabulous. It is a perfect choice for those who’d are a bit more serious about the whole wedding thing and would like to remove the “sexiness” thing, as this bra almost hides your cleavage but provides the maximum comfort in the return.


Convertible Push Up Bra

Convertible Push Up BraThe last Leonisa wedding bra on our list has the ability to be converted, which just might be the function that you’re looking for. It has the removable pads, a wide back that prevents the fat from the unwanted bulging, as well as the straps that can, of course, be removed.

If you have not yet decided what are the things that you need for a perfect wedding day, check bridesmaid checklist with complete list of wedding day must haves.